Virtual Individual Counseling

Welcome to our virtual nutrition counseling practice, where your health and well-being take center stage! Understanding that every individual is unique, our personalized nutrition therapy is designed to help you discover the optimal path to vibrant health. Working with a professional dietitian, you’ll benefit from extensive knowledge and expertise, which can empower you to take control of your eating habits. With our guidance, taking charge of your health and wellness has never been more accessible or more tailored to your specific needs.

Virtual Telehealth Sessions Only
Available to see clients who are living in the state of Texas only.

Initial Appointment – 50 minutes

During the first appointment, we’ll explore your past medical history, eating habits, diet history, relationship with food, and any barriers to meeting your nutrition-related goals. The first part of the session is devoted to collecting information on your past and getting to know you intimately, while the second part of the session focuses on personalized education to help you feel empowered, planning, and goal setting.

You will walk away from the session with confidence and a clear plan of action to reach your goals.

Follow Up Appointments – 50 minutes

We’ll work closely with you to recommend a frequency for follow-up visits that considers your unique situation. Taking into account your medical history, lifestyle habits, and personal goals, the schedule will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. However, the ultimate decision is in your hands, and you have the flexibility to choose how often you want to schedule visits, allowing you to take ownership of your health journey.

The most common and helpful frequency for follow-up visits is every two weeks, so you have plenty of time to implement any recommendations before we meet again.

Working with a dietitian long-term offers substantial benefits that can be transformative. By continually engaging with a nutrition professional, you’ll enjoy ongoing support and guidance tailored to your evolving needs and goals. A dietitian provides expert insights into the complex relationship between food, health, and lifestyle, empowering you to make informed and sustainable choices.